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January 2017

At our regular meeting in January we considered six Resolutions and selected the one we felt should go forward for further discussion to the final meeting, the National WI's Annual Meeting in June 2017. Every resolution passed throughout th WI's 101 - year history has stemmed from a concern put forward by members. Our votes will combine with that of 220,000 others to make a real difference on important issues. we debated some very diverse issues.

1 Alleviating Loneliness

2 FGM - more awareness for more action

3 Equal Access for all who need specialised  mental health services

4 Provision of appropriate welfare and safe spaces for women and children in refugee camps

5 Supporting women's refuges

6 Plastic Soup - keep micro plastic fibres out of our oceans

June 20th 2016 Our 83rd Birthday was an outstanding success! Members commented that it was 'the best ever birthday party'. Fabulous food, music, and most importantly everyone was determined to enjoy themselves and have fun on this very special day. The hall and table decorations  added to the ambience, our Hat Competition was fun and added a touch of glitz and glamour just right for the occasion.In true traditional style we opened with singing Jerusalem followed later by Happy Birthday and the National Anthem. We danced the night away to music from the 1950's to 1980's.

June 2016
This month we will be holding our Annual Domestic Show where Members will be entering a variety of homemade Jams, Preserves, Cakes etc to be Judged by an external Judge.We will also be Celebrating our 83rd Birthday by having a Party and this year will be extra special because we will also using this event to Celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Official Birthday  

Watching WI's History unfold on BBC2

Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, historical author and TV presenter, will be fronting a television programme looking back on 100 years of WI history for BBC2, scheduled to be shown in spring 2015.

The programme will look back on the campaigning past of the WI, examining the major changes that WI members have made to everyday society and their local communities since the first meeting in 1915 and why the organisation continues to go from strength to strength with women joining in their thousands now.

Rather than a cozy woman's club full of ladies making jam and sing Jerusalem, Lucy sees the WI as one of Britain's most important movements of modern times.A powerful group run by women, for women and still thriving today with 213,000 members.

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